Friday, November 23, 2012

OSRIC Player's Guide Now Available for Sale

Vanquishing Leviathan LLC (a new OSR publishing company) is proud to announce the OSRIC Player's Guide is now available for sale at!

The OSRIC Player's Guide comes in at around 180 pages, containing everything you need as an OSRIC player, and none of the stuff you don't. In other words, it contains the first three chapters of OSRIC, minus the GM parts of chapter 3. Features include:

*relatively large print, to make it easier on the eyes

*over 70 new illustrations

*a reorganized spells section (spells are listed alphabetically in one master list)

*a spell index in the back that lists all of the spells by class and level, with the page number for each spell

*a general index

*contains all current errata (as of November 2012)

Blah blah blah, enough talk, onto the pictures!

The hardcover version can be found HERE at $29.99 USD (around $24 with one of lulu's 20% coupons).

The perfect bound softcover version can be found HERE for only $14.99 USD (around $12 with one of lulu's 20% coupons).

Of the two printing options, my personal preference is for the hardcover because it's sturdier and the cover art is a bit sharper, but at half the price and a soft cover, the softcover provides a nice alternative for those of us on a budget and who like to be able to casually flip through the book.

EDIT added: The pdf version of the OSRIC Player's Guide is not available at this time. That might change in the not too distant future...