Friday, June 14, 2013

Swords & Six-Siders OCE Boxed Sets for Sale

Of the 25 numbered Swords & Six-Siders Original Collector's Edition boxed sets, 13 are still available for sale at $10+S&H (plus sales tax for those in Texas). I'm currently looking into postage, but it will probably be around $10 for the continental US. I'm inexperienced with mailing overseas, but I will consider mailing to anywhere in the world, but the postage will be higher.

Right now I am making a list, and once the list is complete I will contact you for payment. To get on the list, please e-mail me (address located on the right) stating you want on the list, and include your state and/or country.

All of the boxed sets are assembled and ready to go. Due to a recent accident, I will try (but cannot promise) to have everything mailed within 1 week of receiving payment, if not sooner. International mail may take longer to send off, as there will be customs forms to fill out.

At this time, I am only accepting payment through paypal. The OCE boxed sets are limited to 1 per customer. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swords & Six-Siders Boxed Set Update

I had a great time at NTRPGCon, playing in some fun games and meeting lots of cool folks. Between the playing, real life interferences, and getting rear-ended, I didn't get to spend a lot of time at my vendor booth, so I still have some Swords & Six-Siders boxed sets available (14 of the 25 limited run).

Once my car is finished getting repaired ( hopefully in a week or two), I will be taking orders for the remaining sets. The price will be $10 + Shipping (yet to be determined) + Texas sales tax for those who are in Texas. The rules are available now as a free download under the FREE STUFF section, so you can try before you buy.

Future plans for Swords & Six-Siders include:

1. a solitaire adventure that teaches you the basics of the game and can be played without a GM.

2. complete adventures (the boxed set comes with a partially completed adventure tutorial).

3. an unlimited version of the boxed set.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swords & Six-Siders Coming Soon!

Vanquishing Leviathan has begun production of its new game Swords & Six-Siders!

S&SS is basically a re-imagining of the original fantasy RPG which only uses six-sided dice, and most things are resolved with a simple 1d6. It will be initially available at NTRPGCon 2013 in the "Original Collector's Edition" boxed set.

The OCE of S&SS comes with all you see here (table not included!). 

The OCE boxed set comes with a rulebook for players (32 pages), GMs (36 pages), and the introductory dungeon tutorial Circle of the Yawning Void (28 pages, partially stocked, with tips and advice for filling in the rest of the dungeon). All 3 rulebooks are fully illustrated with art created just for this set. It comes with an ultra-cool casino-style six-sided die, and the bottom of the box is lined with foam rubber and felt, doing double duty as a dice tray.

Only 25 of these sets will be made, and are available at the ridiculously low price of $10. This is the prototype or playtest version, or as I like to call it, the Original Collector's Edition. They will be available for sale at NTRPGCon 2013, and any leftover sets will be sold via the Internet.

Pdfs and other adventures and boxed sets will be available in the future, so stay tuned!