Monday, June 8, 2015

NTRPGCon 2015 Report

The 2015 NTRPGCon just came to a close, and it was as great as ever. If you're into old school fantasy RPGs, live in/near Texas or are able to make the trip, do it.

Highlights for me include:

1. Running two groups through The Castle That Fell From The Sky, my soon-to-be-released S&SS adventure. The two groups were completely different, and each ended up being epic in their own way. My games were blessed with some excellent players. Stay tuned for play summaries including spoilers, tears, and much laughter.

2. Playing a game of Jeff Talanian's AS&SH, with Jeff running Beneath The Comet. And we beat it. I believe we were the first Con group to do so. Booya! Awesome groupmates, GM, game system, and adventure. In the future, I will be signing up for all of Jeff's games.

3. Playing in BadMike's rendition of B1, with Erol Otus in my party. Erol Otus healing my lowly thief because I failed at the one thing BX thieves are actually competent at = I win D&D. Seriously, how cool is that?! EO was nice enough to sign my Moldvay Basic book.

4. The seminar on small/self-publishers. It was great to hear about mistakes made and lessons learned.

I'll begin taking orders for S&SS as soon as I finish the Castle That Fell From The Sky adventure - probably next week. I'm printing plenty of copies, so supply should not be an issue.

Also to come in the days and weeks ahead: play reports, posts on the business of OSR publishing, tips on running convention games, an inside look at how I make and price this stuff, and a look at what's to come.

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