Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Plans

Plans are always subject to change, and life has a habit of getting in the way, but here is a list of things I hope to complete in 2016.

Higher Priority:

At least one new Swords & Six-Siders Adventures, hopefully several of a variety of levels.

At least one Swords & Six-Siders Supplement (optional races, classes, alternate leveling).

Running 2 or more Swords & Six-Siders games at this year's NTRPG Convention.

Laser-Swords & Six-Siders game - bringing the fun, simple game-play of S&SS to a more sci-fi setting. Grab your laser-sword and blaster, and board your star-fighter to battle the evil forces of the Galactic Horde! Explore the abandoned(?) temples of an ancient religion to unlock mystical powers long forgotten. Raid the hideouts of infamous Crime Lords for that special weapon you'll need to blow up the Galactic Horde's latest planet-killer.

A compatibility license for S&SS and LS&SS.

Lower Priority:

Running 1 or more "classic" RPG games at this year's NTRPG Convention.

One or more new adventures for "classic" RPGs.

Fantasy Stock Art for sale.

There's Always Next Year:

A "trollish" edition of S&SS.

A dungeon-crawl card game that plays like a boardgame (using only cards & a 6-sider).

A d12 game.


  1. Must admit, very excited for:
    - Supplement of races (can we make suggestions???), classes and leveling
    - Laser Swords & Six-Siders (Oh, heck yes!!!)
    - S&SS + LS&SS licenses

  2. Sure, Jerry, suggestions are always welcome.

    If y'all have something you want prioritized, please list it here or e-mail me. I currently have several things going on in various stages of progress.


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