Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Random Dungeon Generator for Swords & Six-Siders

A S&SS random dungeon generator, along with many other useful resources, is available HERE.

Wizardawn's site provides a lot of cool resources for a wide range of old school fantasy RPGs, so make sure to check it out!


  1. Looking over the game, it hits a sweet spot for me. A simple d&d-esque game that uses d6. Were there ever any thoughts of making it all OGL (your original versions as well as new versions)?
    I could see a lot of potential with the system.
    Different genres, such as sword & sorcery, sci-fi, post-apoc, etc. Would be awesome to come up with a setting, monsters, rules, and all in one package. As it stands now, only your spells are designated open content...
    So as much as the system is ideal, it puts a strain on wanting to work on anything for it.
    I'm sure you'd get a lot of interest. Whitebox is huge right now and IMHO, this is much better!

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  3. Btw, I deleted the comment directly above because it was a duplicate of my first one :/
    Does anybody else have this issue on blogs when using their gmail addy or is it just me?
    Happens on my end all too frequently & I am not THAT redundant for crying out loud...

  4. Thanks Jerry! You make a good point, I am adding the creation of a broader S&SS license on my to-do list.

    Optional rules supplements and alternate systems are some things I am currently working on, along with some new adventures.

  5. I played this game yesterday. Very good job! If you're looking for an artist for upcoming books, I'd love to participate!


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